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Key Card/Pin Number

This is a legally binding contract made by me (participant over the age of 18),                                                            to Greensburg Recreation Commission, 600 S Main Street Greensburg, KS 67054.

I fully understand the responsibilities of the keyless card/pin number entry and will follow all the rules set fourth by the Greensburg Recreation Commission in the policy agreement that I have already signed. Additional rules including, but not limited to the following:

     1. To receive a keyless card entry, I will pay $5 for my card. If I lose my card, I understand that it will cost me an additional $5 to purchase a new one. (Maximum 2 cards per membership)

     2. I will not loan or give anyone my card or pin number for any reason.

     3. If my card/pin number is used and the facility or equipment is damaged at all, I understand that I am completely responsible for the damage. 

     4. I will not let anyone in the facility with my card/pin number except for those listed on my membership. 

     5. Proper shoes and clothing must be worn at All times regardless of the time entering the recreation gym. 

I understand that my keyless card entry/pin number entry will be suspended indefinitely if I choose to break any of these rules, regardless of the reason. 

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